Our Herd


The Landfall herd is run under commercial conditions with a strong focus on genetics that perform well in the natural environments of Australia in varying seasonal conditions. At Landfall we are continually assessing the performance of our cattle. We understand the importance of the seed stock industry to the Australian Cattleman and the modern markets that they have to supply. This ensures that we have a strong focus on the commercial realities of beef production.

This management system ensures that the cattle we produce are genuine and suited to commercial production herds. In excess of 500 bulls are marketed annually throughout Australia into many different environments and production systems.
A mix of Australian, American and New Zealand genetics has been carefully chosen to ensure our herd is continually improving. The Landfall herd has a balance of both performance and sustainability, our females are highly fertile and possess longevity, the two traits that contribute greatly to the profitability and sustainability of a cow herds. In addition the Landfall herd has for a number of years been one of the highest performing herds on Australasian Angus Breedplan for growth and carcase traits. On farm performance recording has been used for a number of years to ensure the accuracy of our herd EBV’s are continually increasing.



Landfall Breeding Objectives

1. Fertility- females have to wean a calf annually in 365 days or less.

2. Structural soundness- no exceptions are made for structural faults.


3. Docility- select for quiet and even temperament.


4. Good constitution- phenotype with depth, thickness and ease of doing ability.


5. Moderate frame- emphasis placed on length and weight rather than frame.


6. EBV’s- above average EBV’s whilst avoiding extremes.



Landfall bulls are tested free of BVDV, are fertility tested, fully vaccinated and carry our exclusive Landfall bull guarantee.